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Simmental Stud


The Lone Pine Simmental Stud was established in 1984 with the purchase of 5 purebred cows from the Troy Hill dispersal sale at Dunrobin, Heriot. In 1999, David Carter’s entire Avon Park Stud from Teddington, Banks Peninsula, was purchased. The stud is now comprised of 110 cows and 40 heifers, run on tussock hill country.

Stud Focus

Topographical and climate challenges at Lone Pine create stud stock which are tough and durable. Cattle at Lone Pine have to be quiet, well fleshed and structurally sound due to the steep, dry terrain. Each cow has to produce a quality calf and winter on the hill without supplements. Lone Pine also runs a Hereford-Angus herd, which are mated to Simmental bulls. Selling Simmental cross run calves keeps the business informed on how cattle are performing in the marketplace and what adjustments have to be made to the breeding programme.

To see Lone Pine's profile on the Simmental NZ website, follow this link.